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Anonymous – State of The Union Warning to Obama

Published on Jan 20, 2015

Anonymous calls out Barack Obama, before the 2015 State of The Union address, on his expansive list of lies to the American people.

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George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress

The Franklin Cover Up is only the tip of the Iceberg

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????George HW Bush a known Evil Pedophile 

George HW Bush is a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Coverup”. U.S. Vice President George HW Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank’s condo, known as a “Brownstone” to their famous cocktail parties, where U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators — some willing and some unwilling participants — got a taste of the “Voodoo Drug” in their drink.

To prove a case, you need one that was involved in an operation or a witness or documents; in this case, U.S. Customs documents prove the case without getting anyone still living killed. Inside the (scribd) document below is an article that appeared in US News and World report December 27 1993, entitled “Through a Glass Very Darkly”. This includes cops, spies and a very old investigation — also copies of the U.S. Customs Reports where the names are not blacked out.

The late Ted Gunderson

You may have purchased a set with the names blacked out from dirty FBI-CIA blackmailer Ted Gunderson, a known thief, liar and killer — a true “Daddy Bush FBI Troll, who surfaced in the 1990s to run cover for Bush and to identify those children who still may be living, who could be a liability to Bush, Gunderson and CIA George Pender’s Congressional Child Sex Blackmail Operation known as “Brownstar”.

Ted Gunderson surfaced in the early 1990s as the so-called investigator in the Franklin Savings and Loan case against Larry King a Black Republican, who introduced George HW Bush at the 1988 Republican Convention as America’s next President. Ted Gunderson was there to get rid of any witnesses or children from “Boys Town”, an orphanage for all boys, many of whom had been transported to Washington DC and raped by these pedophiles in Bush-Gunderson-Pender Child Sex Ring known as “Operation Brownstar”.

Richard Cheney

The true story never has been told that children from orphanages all across America during the 1980s came to Washington DC, paid by the US Taxpayers, to unknowingly participate in the Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring. Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney, John Sununu, according to sources, would be standing in line to greet the children and their caretakers as they came to the Vice President’s Home and or the White House for their specially invited tour at US Government expense. Bush, Cheney and Sununu would ask, “what’s your name”, and later just before dinner time, a call from the White House came into the hotel where the children were staying to the Caretakers inviting Little Billy, Mary, Johnny, Timmy, and Pam to the White House State dinner that evening.

The caretakers thought it would be good for the children, since the White House could not accommodate the entire orphanage. Gunderson and Pender, who ran the operation, dispatched the limo at Bush’s request, and the female would take the children to the limo and immediately give them a Coke or Pepsi with the VOODOO DRUG in it, and they were off to U.S. Senator Barney Frank’s pad, known as a “Brownstone”.

Barney Frank

Of course, the U.S. Senators and U.S. Reps were there with the good-looking female prostitutes who would help get the congressmen and senators drunk on the “VOODOO DRUG”, so when Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney, John Sununu and others showed up at the party and the children in the limo arrived, the female prostitutes left and the child sex party started, with U.S. Vice President George HW Bush, Richard Cheney, John Sununu and others showing the VOODOO drunk congressman and senators how to have sex raping children, while the cameras were running. Someone pretending to be from the White House would call the caretakers back at the hotel and would tell them the children fell asleep and are staying the night here at the White House and will be returned before lunch tomorrow.

John Sununu

The caretakers did not suspect a thing until 6 months later when their children were sitting in front of the TV watching the News and waiting for dinner, when many would jump up and point to the TV and say “He put his thing in me”, as the children pointed to either their rectum or the female side. These caretakers began to ask questions and did not know whom to call. Some called “People Magazine”, which spent a million dollars investigating all of America’s orphanages and found this was true, with those children selected out at the White House being greeted by these known pedophiles: Bush, Cheney and Sununu.

The story was never told by “People Magazine”. The Journalist I talked to on many occasions in the late 1980s and early 1990s was never allowed to publish the story.

Now you know the full story.


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Congress quietly ends federal government’s ban on medical marijuana

Tucked deep inside the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government’s prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy.

The bill’s passage over the weekend marks the first time Congress has approved nationally significant legislation backed by legalization advocates. It brings almost to a close two decades of tension between the states and Washington over medical use of marijuana.

Under the provision, states where medical pot is legal would no longer need to worry about federal drug agents raiding retail operations. Agents would be prohibited from doing so.

The Obama administration has largely followed that rule since last year as a matter of policy. But the measure approved as part of the spending bill, which President Obama plans to sign this week, will codify it as a matter of law.

Pot advocates had lobbied Congress to embrace the administration’s policy, which they warned was vulnerable to revision under a less tolerant future administration.

More important, from the standpoint of activists, Congress’ action marked the emergence of a new alliance in marijuana politics: Republicans are taking a prominent role in backing states’ right to allow use of a drug the federal government still officially classifies as more dangerous than cocaine.

“This is a victory for so many,” said the measure’s coauthor, Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Costa Mesa. The measure’s approval, he said, represents “the first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana.”

By now, 32 states and the District of Colombia have legalized pot or its ingredients to treat ailments, a movement that began in the 1990s. Even back then, some states had been approving broader decriminalization measures for two decades.

The medical marijuana movement has picked up considerable momentum in recent years. The Drug Enforcement Administration, however, continues to place marijuana in the most dangerous category of narcotics, with no accepted medical use.

Congress for years had resisted calls to allow states to chart their own path on pot. The marijuana measure, which forbids the federal government from using any of its resources to impede state medical marijuana laws, was previously rejected half a dozen times. When Washington, D.C., voters approved medical marijuana in 1998, Congress used its authority over the city’s affairs to block the law from taking effect for 11 years.

Even as Congress has shifted ground on medical marijuana, lawmakers remain uneasy about full legalization. A separate amendment to the spending package, tacked on at the behest of anti-marijuana crusader Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), will jeopardize the legalization of recreational pot in Washington, D.C., which voters approved last month.

Marijuana proponents nonetheless said they felt more confident than ever that Congress was drifting toward their point of view.

“The war on medical marijuana is over,” said Bill Piper, a lobbyist with the Drug Policy Alliance, who called the move historic.

“Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana,” he said. “This is the strongest signal we have received from Congress [that] the politics have really shifted. … Congress has been slow to catch up with the states and American people, but it is catching up.”

The measure, which Rohrabacher championed with Rep. Sam Farr, a Democrat from Carmel, had the support of large numbers of Democrats for years. Enough Republicans joined them this year to put it over the top. When the House first passed the measure earlier this year, 49 Republicans voted aye.

Some Republicans are pivoting off their traditional anti-drug platform at a time when most voters live in states where medical marijuana is legal, in many cases as a result of ballot measures.

Polls show that while Republican voters are far less likely than the broader public to support outright legalization, they favor allowing marijuana for medical use by a commanding majority. Legalization also has great appeal to millennials, a demographic group with which Republicans are aggressively trying to make inroads.

Approval of the pot measure comes after the Obama administration directed federal prosecutors last year to stop enforcing drug laws that contradict state marijuana policies. Since then, federal raids of marijuana merchants and growers who are operating legally in their states have been limited to those accused of other violations, such as money laundering.

“The federal government should never get in between patients and their medicine,” said Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland).


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Hawaii is ground zero: banning, not labeling GMOs

Hawaii is ground zero: banning, not labeling GMOs

by Jon Rappoport

December 5, 2014

Let me put it this way. It would mean a lot more than winning a few GMO-labeling initiatives.

“The right to choose what’s in your food” does not stop the ongoing gene drift, from GMO crops to non-GMO, across America. This drift is well on its way to making organic crops into genetically modified food, whether we like it or not.

And the blown-on-wind spread of tons and tons of Roundup, the poisonous Monsanto herbicide so “vital” to GMO farming…well, that’s straight-out chemical warfare.

As it continues, what organic farmer will be able to guarantee his crops are pristine?

In Hawaii, we have a far different situation. Voters on the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai, against all odds, have managed to pass measures that would block Monsanto (and other biotech giants) from continuing their GMO/pesticide operations.

In other words, ban, not label.

However, on the Big Island and Kauai, the corrupt court system has (so far) rendered the voters’ decisions null and void. On Maui, the same tactic is in progress.

Hawaii isn’t just a small biotech center. Huge numbers of GMO seeds are produced and shipped out around the world.

Monsanto, Dow, Pioneer, and BASF are doing intensive R&D to develop new GMO seeds and new poisonous pesticides (which they are spraying on the people of Hawaii).

Cutting off their work in Hawaii would be a major victory.

However, if you did an overall survey of news sites, including independent centers of reporting, you’d find GMO labeling has been garnering far more coverage than the bans enacted in several US counties or the struggle in Hawaii.

Why is that?

One reason: the anti-Monsanto movement in America has been shaped and funded to be about product-labeling.

Because it’s about shopping and choosing and buying and consuming, it seems to have more “broad appeal.”

But how well is that soft approach going to work in the face of the biotech fait accompli—gene drift plus pesticide drift, blanketing the whole country, penetrating all food crops?

According to “received wisdom,” banning GMOs and their attendant pesticides is a much harder sell.

In past articles, I’ve outlined an attack strategy against the biotech giants that could have worked at the outset of the anti-GMO movement—and could still work. I won’t run it all down here. Suffice to say, it is predicated on the understanding that we are in a late-game situation, and the clock is ticking.

The biotech crime bosses are running the show—our show—into the ground. The sane response is to go all-out on the offensive. This is miles beyond avoiding a potato in the market labeled “GMO.”

And by the way, who would be in charge of putting those GMO labels on foods? The state governments where the labeling initiatives pass? Really? You would trust that process to be both honest and competent?

The leaders of the labeling movement apparently welcome the prospect of Monsanto and their allies suing states in which labeling initiatives or laws pass. This is a chance to expose the shady tactics of the biotech giants.

I would point out, though, that such court battles would ultimately impact only the labeling issue, nothing more.

Yes, it would represent another small step in educating the public about these monster corporations—but small steps that come too late are not useful.

power outside the matrixIn Hawaii, however, there is an authentic spark. The fight centers around the possibility of a partial ban on GMOs and dangerous pesticides—in the heart of the enemy’s camp.

The outcome would be helped considerably, if enough people shifted their focus to the Islands, where the real action is. Now.

In Hawaii, the reality-egg has cracked. The Monsanto facade of GMO/pesticide safety and humane intentions has been blatantly rejected, on the record, by voters.

This has set off a parade of biotech/political/judicial/land-baron counter-attacks. The players are, as usual, arrogant, self-entitled, devious, slimy, fake Jesuses who want to save the world and lift up the less fortunate and less informed.

“We’ll help you. Just let us run things.

Hawaii could be a candle that is quickly snuffed out, or it could become a sun that illuminates the truth.

The point is, the struggle there is about the right thing. Stopping the poisoners. Not labeling them.



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Common Law Revocation overturns RCMP, Kinder-Morgan

Published on Nov 29, 2014

Special announcement from the Republic of Kanata and Common Law courts in Canada, describing how the RCMP and B.C. Supreme Court have bowed to the common law Revocation Order nullifying “crown” authority in the Kinder-Morgan environmental dispute in Vancouver. The common law works: join our movement and reclaim our nation. Issued 29 November, 2014 on liberated territory of the Republic of Kanata. , .

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Whoa there WhiteHatFactCheck 125.7 Part 9.

In their update yesterday they said they had corresponded with Casper who said the “Freedom Program and Prosperity Programs are not ‘profiling’ in London”.  NOT TRUE OR ACCURATE, WE DID NOT SAY THAT.

As far as I know I have never corresponded with WHA.

I (WE) were contacted two weeks ago by e-mail by someone we don’t know asking questions about Freedom and PPP. They did not identify themselves as WHA. I said Intel is scarce and has been for a long time. WE had a report from London a few months ago saying the Freedom Trade did occur, the funds were available for distribution but were blocked or seized and the Trader himself has not yet been paid and mentioned his location. They/he/she/ said “our top of the heap sources in London say the PPP’s  and Freedom are not profiling and therefore will not pay”. They said  ‘perhaps we could have your sources in London (VIP Bankers) talk with our sources in London. I said super, set it up, we will call them from London right away and I offered to post his remarks and Intel in an update. He said no, at least not right now. So he/she/they proceed to set up a pow wow calling back in three or so days saying their sources do not want to talk after all. My brief response by e-mail was “WE understand. Thanks for trying. Will not post our correspondence”.

This may seem trivial to most readers but not to us.

When we tell someone we will keep their communications with us confidential we honor those agreements. Now we have WHA quoting that correspondence verbatim and saying they got the information from Casper. The words quoted, ‘not profiling in London’ were not my words but those of the party who contacted us. As to WHA’s motive, we have no idea what this is all about. What’s important to us is that the other party involved understand that we did not quote their Intel or provide it to WHA and did not post their comments to us to anyone at any time. Since they did not get it from Casper as they state, there is only one other place they could have gotten it.

Changing subjects now, WE continue to be amazed that ‘Dinarians’ never demand to know where the funds for an R.V. are supposed to be coming from. Or why the UST would supply exchangers with unlimited supplies of Dinar for sale to the public at one eighth of a cent today then exchange it tomorrow for $3.00 or more? WE first asked these questions two years ago when we first threw our hat into the Dinar conversations and we are still asking the same questions today. Why are we the only one’s asking such obvious questions?  Watching the daily Dinar postings is for us like a trip to the zoo. No telling what’s around the next corner. Some of the things said are just so outrageous. WE want everyone to be paid but the excuses provided for never ending delays are often ridiculous. It’s as if some guru’s are standing so close to the forest they can’t see the tree’s or, worded differently, they are so close to their ‘handlers’ they can’t see that they are being handled. Those of us who go back to the days of the Programs, Farm Claims, etc. (early nineties) have been there, done that. It took us five years to realize we were being ‘handled’ so we are observing, not throwing rocks. Look outside the R.V. world and what do you see? The Fiat Central Banks are continuing to pour vast amounts of money into the existing system (ECB, Bk Japan, PBOC, etc,) to save the existing system and to maintain themselves in power at all cost. The CBI is a part of this system. Their Fraudulent Financial Carousel continues. Their plan to continue with Fiat SDR’s when the Dollar is completely exhausted is obvious and, IMHO results in the forfeiture of our sovereignty to the U.N./IMF/NWO. Meanwhile the sale of Dinar to the public continues, every day. Where are those funds going to? Surely you don’t think the money is going to Iraq. A year ago Guru’s said 30T Dinar out there then others posted 70T, then 80T then 90T. Then along came Zap who said the U.S. printed 600T and didn’t stop there as they were supposed to, France printed 600T he said and he didn’t even mention DeLaRu in London, Iraq’s official printer of its currency. All that times $3.00 each? Where could such a sum originate?  If a Dinar was actually worth ‘X’ two years ago is it not worth a small percentage of ‘X’ today? If all of it were to be exchanged for $3.00 each what do you think the resulting value of the dollar would be? Would it not be worthless? Why do the Guru’s who are supposed to be leading you to the promised land not openly discuss such obvious issues? It is because, in our opinion, they do not have what WE call “historical knowledge” meaning that they have not recognized much less accepted the deceit, treachery, treason and cruelty of the Corporate Government and it’s paid professional liars who have destroyed the lives of thousands prior to anyone ever hearing about a Dinar. Twenty eight dead in my small world most hanging on by their fingernails for years as they were mentally and emotionally tormented to death by the never ending lies they were fed month after month. The Guru’s know so little about ‘the big picture’ and all that has gone on before their arrival. WE have reported to you the activities of these Government paid liars in Treasury and the Agencies many many times over the years. Little did those bastards realize that particular Intel was coming from their own family members.

I could go on and on and on some more telling you of the history of the most corrupt people on earth masquerading as legitimate Government but I just don’t have the strength to repeat 15 years of writing for a new group who are focused only on currency revaluations and care little that many hundreds of thousands preceded them in attendance to this Rocky Horror Picture Show now gripping them mentally and emotionally.  Friends, pray for something legitimate, not the continuation of a fraudulent financial system under which your funds will be stolen or made worthless after receipt.

The McHaffie Nesara web site is the only one I know of that regularly publishes Intel regarding a return to Common Law and the return of our Republic and its Organic Constitution, not the fraudulent Constitution of the Corporation, Statute Law and its Maritime Court System. The current 16th Amendment, the IRS Amendment, was never ratified by the States and is completely fraudulent, “The Law That Never Was”. The 13th, now known as the Slavery Amendment is equally fraudulent as the true 13th of our true Constitution precluded Titles Of Nobility, i.e. lawyers serving in Government. It was not our Country, our Republic, that turned our Monetary System over to a bunch of private international bankers, it was the Corporation/Cabal and its pawns such as Woodrow Wilson who later in life said he had unknowingly sold our country down the river. As Putin said last week, “the United States is no longer a Constitutional Republic, it is now an Oligarchy. We have neither a Republican form of Government as provided by our founders (Constitutional Republic) or a Democracy. We are governed by the Cabal (shadow government) using various Emergency Orders applied over the decades which have never been allowed to expire. ‘We The People’ are silly putty in the hands of politicians who work for ‘the powers that be’ and for special interest. Newly elected politicians, most ignorant of history and current circumstances just like Dinarians, quickly have the facts of life explained to them. ‘Go along to get along”. Do not upset our apple cart or interfere with our gravy train, OR ELSE.

There was a time, not so long ago, when WE were extremely intense with our daily activities seeking the truth and timing of various ‘funding’s’ we are involved in. Years passed. A dozen very major sources passed away including the one who argued for us at the World Court and received a standing ovation. Trips to Switzerland and China and D.C. and Reno, etc. in pursuit of truth which we duly reported to you as best we could. Through it all the Government never stopped or slowed down the waterfall of lies that hurt so many. Back then, as now, every excuse imaginable was provided, all was intentional deception. Back then there was not a daily cash cow income stream as they have now constructed for themselves with the daily sales of Dinar. Consider what they did then, have been doing for 15 or more years for ‘fun and games’,  and consider what they are capable of now with said income stream motivating them. It is possible bank stories, call centers, exch centers, IMF, etc. etc. are all part of an elaborate charade to push the continuous sale of Dinar and to preserve their fraudulent fiat playpen. Several have bragged that they have been back to the well ten or twelve times. And you? They have seven billion potential victims. If it is a scam it is not likely to end anytime soon.


It will be so much easier on everyone if the Guru’s are right and all is on the up and up. Maybe they will step away from their handlers long enough to find answers to obvious questions.

Casper  11-11-14

MORE FROM CASPER – UPDATE: November 11, 2014

Today I read over last night’s update which we dated 11/11/14 and realized that we did not mention Obama. WE cannot allow an update to go out, not one single update, without saying again and again that we believe Obama to be a Judas Goat, a man hell bent upon the intentional destruction of our country. His ‘handler’ is Valerie Jarrett who gets her direction from the Communist in Chicago and the Muslims in Iran. As WE have said many times we believe him to be the most dangerous enemy America has ever faced. Read for yourself his purge of the military as posted right now on the Nesara and other web sites. On the many occasions we reported his saying he would not allow the people to receive significant funding from any source, that Intel came to us time and again from within the Pink  er  White House.  Also, our sources who have always said they can ‘see into’ the Fed Res Banking System continue to report that there are no funds there to pay for an R.V. or for the Program Funding’s.

Just as Obama stole the Wanta Funds and used the SEC to steal the CMKX funds, our fear is that he has stolen ALL funds. Our hope lies in the possibility of an entirely new and different banking system outside the control of the Cabal as reported by so many over the years. Counting original updates to rather small groups of friends and long before the Casper updates were picked up and spread over the internet and before they were discussed on Coast to Coast Radio and before they were read and discussed at the World Court, for a total of twenty three years, we have reported on the behind the scenes financial war underway between the U.S. Corporation/Fed partnership controlled  Fiat World and those demanding a level playing field by removing money creation from thin air away from those led by the U.S./Fed  which have intentionally subjected generations of world citizens and their children to lives of debt slavery. This war continues. WE see plenty of signs of that. WE do not yet see much sign that the Cabal or its Political Pawns in the U.S., Europe, Japan or China have ‘surrendered’.

Assuming he will read this, I would like to encourage McHaffie/Nesara to disclose where he is getting his flow of Intel such as yesterday’s report that Gen. Carter Hamm was sworn in as President of the Republic before The Supreme Court Sunday at 4 p.m.?




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Ron Paul On GOP Victory: Get Ready For “Expanded Neocon Wars In Syria And Iraq”

 Ron Paul On GOP Victory: Get Ready For "Expanded Neocon Wars In Syria And Iraq"
Former Congressman and Libertarian icon Ron Paul warned last night that the GOP takeover of the Senate and increased stronghold on the House will only embolden interventionist foreign policy.
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Prince Talks NWO, Depopulation And Chemtrails On TV

Renowned singer becomes whistleblower during interview

Has Prince gone from renowned music god to whistleblower? © Twitter
Has Prince gone from renowned music god to whistleblower?
Whistleblowers and truthseekers of issues such as the New World Order, depopulation and chemtrails are often dismissed in mainstream media and confined to the hidden realms of alternative news and conspiracy blogs. But Prince became a surprising truth exposer during a television interview, as he speaks out about the enslavement of humanity after being awakened by the works of Dick Gregory.

In 2009, the singer made a rare television appearance in an interview with Tavis Smiley for his PBS talk show for a light-hearted chat about misinterpreted lyrics and also to talk about his new album at the time – Lotusflower. However, talk turned more intimate and deep as Prince mentioned how the work of African-American comedian, conspiracy theorist and political activist Dick Gregory has changed his perception of the world. Gregory, now 82, is famed for using his performances to convey political messages such as the fight for civil rights in America and also gained notoriety for speaking out about the suggested lunar landing hoax and incorrect 9/11 accounts.

“Dick Gregory really moved me and a lot of my friends and I show it to everybody who comes over the house, because they need to hear that”, Prince recalled.

“What he said affects all of us”.

Dick Gregory has spoken out about 9/11, the lunar landing hoax and chemtrails © Twitter
Dick Gregory has spoken out about 9/11, the lunar landing hoax and chemtrails
One of the key points highlight by Gregory was about chemtrails and the never-ending debate about whether Earth’s skies are being sprayed with harsh and deadly chemicals in a bid to not only render humanity docile and vulnerable to control, but even kill a vast majority of the population.

“When I was a kid I used to see these trails in the sky all the time and I thought, ‘Ah that’s cool, a jet just flew over’, but then I started to see a whole bunch of them”, revealed Prince.

“The next thing you know, everybody in your neighbourhood was fighting and arguing and you didn’t know why. He [Gregory] started riffing about the chemtrails, and what he said hit home so hard”.

Theories of chemtrails are often dismissed by scientists and authorities as merely water-based condensation trails (or contrails are they are more commonly known) which are left by aircrafts due to atmospheric conditions. But others have spoken out about a much more sinister purpose behind them, one that has remained undisclosed to the general public. Wikipedia states that conspiracy theorists speculate that the chemicals are used for solar radiation management, weather modification; and the terrifyingly fatal agendas of psychological manipulation and control, biologically and chemical warfare, and depopulation. The horrifying release of chemicals is often said to be at the hands of the US government and HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

Although scientists claim to have debunked myths regarding chemtrails, other experts have counteracted their explanations. Before It’s News published a report by pilot Barry Davis, who with over 40 years of flying experience, came interested in HAARP and chemtrails ‘by accident’. The aviation expert explained that he first noticed chemtrails when a jet mysteriously flew over him and appeared to be losing a lot of fuel and immediately contacted the Department of Transport (DOT).

Davis wrote, “My familiarity with jet aircraft brings me to the accident. I was headed back to my office when I noticed a jet had overtaken me. The location of a high jet was a bit strange and it looked as if it was losing a lot of fuel.  I immediately called the Department of Transport (DOT) to report what I thought was a severe fuel leak. The fellow I was put in touch with must have had about 79 questions pre-printed that I had to answer before he was going to contact the jet”.

“I was a bit stunned. Here I was trying to save a crew and jet while the DOT had no interest in making contact with the plane, or anyone for that matter! Their lack of interest was perhaps the strangest minutes of my life. In retrospect, I have to wonder if they knew the plane was laying Chemtrails . . . I do not think there is much doubt”.

“If you try to discuss Chemtrails with others, you may well find yourself very frustrated. Many do not want to be involved, which is a central problem of having Chemtrails stopped”.

Are harsh, deadly chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere? © Twitter
Are harsh, deadly chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere?
Davis details that lab tests revealed that an array of chemicals were being sprayed in the air from the late 1990s, or even earlier, supposedly as part of a geo-engineering project to help cool the Earth and reflect sunlight. But these chemicals are highly toxic and illegal, and if consumed by humans and other creatures can prove life-threatening. According to Davis, investigators found that air samples contained aluminium oxide, barium oxide, bacteria such as anthrax, moulds and fungi, sedatives, salmonella, and many other banned pollutants.

Aluminium oxide, commonly used in antiperspirants and deodorants, is linked to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s as well as being deemed a possible risk for cancer according to numerous reports. Test Country states that barium oxide is also highly toxic, known for affecting the nervous system and causing breathing difficulties, muscle weakness, diarrhoea and other stomach irritations, cardiac irregularities such as heart arrhythmia and abnormally high blood pressure, and paralysis. The deadly mix of these ingredients as well as other fungi, bacterial and viral materials harkens to the notion that a high-powered elite want to control and even eradicate much of humanity.

Davis echoes this notion, writing, “I personally feel these ingredients are on their way to making our Earth and oceans sterile. Eating vegetables polluted by the above list very well could be shortening the lives of millions”.

“We know that some of the elite in the world want the population drastically reduced… Is this all part of their efforts?”

Indeed, apparently it is, as whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists, truthseekers and now Prince have highlighted. Chemtrails are believed to be part of a twisted part of the New World Order agenda carried out by the Illuminati.

David Icke has warned about Agenda 21 and depopulation © Twitter
David Icke has warned about Agenda 21 and depopulation
David Icke has spoken out about this matter, known as Agenda 21. Various tools such as chemtrails and most recently the Ebola virus are suspected to be used to fulfil this agenda against the population. Dr Eric Pianka and Dr Leonard Horowitz have also warned that a genetically modified bioweapon is likely to wipe out a vast majority of the human race. This is done through genetically modified foods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, right under the noses of unsuspected civilians.

“Part of this Agenda 21 is for an enormous cull of the global population, and I’m talking coming down to a billion or half a billion in a world now of more than seven billion”, Icke explained.

“I’ll tell you why they’re doing this. Agenda 21 – ‘get them off the land’”.

But details of such plans remain undisclosed on the most part. Prince believes this is because humans are unsuspecting slaves to a shady elite in control political and economic discourse, therefore running much of our lives. In addition, the elite control the media, whether it is news, films or books, dictating the information that we have supplied about various realities.

Prince recalls learning that there were eight other presidents of the United States before the ‘first’ President George Washington. He tells Smiley, “When I found out there were eight presidents before George Washington I wanted to smack somebody, I wanted to know why I was taught otherwise”.

“Just tell me the whole story; I’ll fill in the gaps. I don’t vote, I want nothing to do with it, I’ve got no dog in that race”.

The music icon makes some extremely valid points which truthseekers and whistleblowers have been trying to put forward for years. Did his interview awaken people? Well it surely did send shockwaves, but whether fans and media consumers will absorb his warnings is a completely different matter. Although there is a prominent sect of people willing to speak out, it seems that some people just don’t want to become aware, but this may not be down to ignorance. Prince declares that humans are nothing more than slaves, manipulated and indoctrinated to only believe what we are told.

“We live in a place now that feels just like a plantation. We’re all indentured servants”.

“Prophecy is what we all have to go by now”.

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Account of Clinton Aide’s Benghazi Document Sifting Familiar to Career Public Servant

  • Photo: Raffi Kirdi/Newscom

    To Sonya Gilliam, a recent account of improper sorting of Benghazi-related documents  at the State Department brought back vivid memories of her own encounters with high-level government officials who withheld, deleted or destroyed public records.

    And one name stood out for its familiarity: Cheryl Mills.

    A former deputy assistant secretary of state had told The Daily Signal that Mills was present during an after-hours document operation in a basement room of the State Department in October 2012. Mills was chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    Cheryl Mills, left, was Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff and former White House counsel who defended President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. (Photo: Newscom)

    The purpose of the session, former State Department official Raymond Maxwell said, was to “separate” documents damaging to Clinton before records were turned over to an independent review board probing the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

    Mills declined to comment on Maxwell’s account to The Daily Signal.

    Ray Maxwell (Photo courtesy of Sharyl Attkisson)

    “My stomach dropped,” Gilliam says about hearing the allegation last month that Mills was involved in Benghazi document sorting:

    I said to myself, oh my gosh, here we are, 14 or 15 years later, [and] Cheryl Mills is still in charge of document ‘production’—I’ll use that term loosely.

    Gilliam, now retired, was responsible for Commerce Department responses to Freedom of Information Act requests during the Clinton administration.

    Back then, Mills was deputy White House counsel to President Clinton. At the time, multiple probes sought to determine whether the administration was fundraising illegally by selling seats on Commerce Department trade missions.

    ‘Cheryl Says No’

    Gilliam says she sat through countless task force meetings convened to respond to demands that began in 1994 for relevant records under FOIA requests and, later, from Congress, grand juries and news media.

    Prying key documents from the Clinton administration’s political grip proved an often-impossible task, she says.

    “Meantime, the clock is ticking and it’s illegal to not respond according to the law within the time frame,” Gilliam told The Daily Signal in an interview.

    Gilliam says that supervising attorneys at the Commerce Department told her, “We’re waiting on Cheryl Mills.”

    “I said, ‘Who is Cheryl Mills?’ ‘Oh, she is the deputy counsel to the president.’

    “I about dropped my jaw. I said, ‘What are documents doing over with Cheryl Mills?’ ”

    Gilliam says the answer was that the document release by Commerce had to be “coordinated” with the White House.

    I found many, many references that I have highlighted in those meetings that we had that said ‘waiting on White House,’ ‘call Cheryl Mills,’ ‘Cheryl Mills has not responded yet,’ ‘Cheryl says no.’

    Gilliam logged more than 30 years as an award-winning public servant working for Democratic and Republican administrations. Before the Clinton administration, Gilliam says, it had not been common practice to send non-White House documents to the White House for approval of their release.

    “I was amazed and just really gobsmacked when I saw the White House involved to the extent it was,” Gilliam says.

    ‘Con Artists’ and ‘Hooligans’ at Commerce

    Two years into the investigations, on April 3, 1996, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 others were killed in a plane crash while on an official trade mission in Croatia. Brown recently had been served with a deposition notice regarding the alleged sale of trade mission seats.

    Evidence revealed a “flurry of document shredding in the [Commerce] secretary’s office” following his death. The document obstruction, which continued for years, is detailed in a 1998 federal court ruling.

    District Judge Royce C. Lamberth likened the behavior of Commerce Department officials to “con artists” and “hooligans.” He found that they “wrongfully withheld documents, destroyed documents, and removed or allowed the removal of others, all with the apparent intention of thwarting the FOIA and [court] orders.”

    Gilliam says she was so disturbed by what she saw that she blew the whistle in 2000 on behalf of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which was suing Commerce for the documents.

    In her affidavit dated July 7, 2000, Gilliam stated, in part:

    I know that Ms. Mills, in her position as deputy counsel to the president, advised Commerce officials to withhold certain documents … these interactions with Ms. Mills, as well as other practices, delayed and corrupted the Commerce Department’s response to Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests.

    >>> 19 Times the Government Withheld Documents It Didn’t Want You to See

    Mills, now on the board of directors at the global investment firm BlackRock, declined comment for this report.

    Lamberth’s opinion faulting the Commerce Department for obstruction did not name Mills as personally responsible for any misdeeds.

    Judge Calls Mills’ Behavior ‘Loathsome’ in Other Case

    In a separate case involving missing documents that was brought against the FBI in 1997, Lamberth found no obstruction or conspiracy but referred to Mills’ conduct as a White House official as “loathsome.”

    Lamberth faulted Mills for making “the most critical error in this entire fiasco”: learning of missing White House emails but not taking proper steps to resolve the situation.

    “Mills’ actions were totally inadequate to address the problem,” Lamberth concluded.

    Photo: Newscom

    Judging by the frequency of cases over the years, up to and including the IRS scandal, lost and missing federal records amount to an epidemic — one not isolated to one administration or party.

    Typically, even when obstruction is discovered, the remedy is that an agency turns over any recovered documents. The agency may be ordered to pay a successful plaintiff’s litigation costs. The process provides little disincentive to repeating incompetent or willful behavior.

    ‘I Am Ray Maxwell’

    In the case where Gilliam blew the whistle, the Commerce Department ultimately acknowledged wrongdoing and taxpayers paid the bill: The agency was ordered to pay Judicial Watch $897,000 in legal fees. Some documents never were recovered.

    The outcome was little consolation, Gilliam says. She says she suffered recrimination and health issues as a result of stepping forward in 2000.

    Gilliam Thumbnail 1

    And she gives Maxwell a great deal of credit for speaking up about what he saw in the State Department basement in October 2012.

    “I never met Ray Maxwell,” Gilliam told The Daily Signal.  “I don’t know Ray Maxwell. But I am Ray Maxwell because I lived Ray Maxwell’s story. And I felt compelled to say something.”


    A Medley of Missing Documents Through the Years:

    Missing: Hillary Clinton S&L Records. In 1988, according to congressional investigators, Hillary Clinton “ordered the destruction of records relating to her [legal] representation of [Jim] McDougal’s Madison S&L” when federal regulators were investigating the insolvency of the Arkansas savings and loan. Bill Clinton was Arkansas governor at the time.

    The Clintons and McDougal were business partners in the failed Whitewater real estate venture. McDougal later was convicted of fraud for attempting to use S&L funds to cover Whitewater losses. His wife, Susan, served prison time for refusing to answer grand jury questions about whether Bill Clinton lied in his testimony during her Whitewater trial.

    Missing: Clinton Counsel’s Foster Records. In 1993, according to a Secret Service official, first lady Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Maggie Williams, removed records from the office of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster the night of his suicide.

    Other Clinton officials, including White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, later testified that they conducted an improper search of Foster’s office. At least one file was marked “Whitewater” and another was marked “taxes.”

    Another White House counsel, Bob Barnett, later picked up a box of Foster’s documents. Associate counsel Clifford Sloan’s contemporaneous notes cite the Clintons’ initials: “get Maggie—go through office—get HRC, WJC stuff.”

    Missing: Clinton Counsel’s Foster Suicide Note. Also in 1993, the White House released an official statement incorrectly saying that no Foster suicide note had been found. However, more than 24 hours after a note had been found, White House counsel Nussbaum turned it over to Attorney General Janet Reno.

    Missing: Hillary Clinton Law Firm Records. In 1996, after nearly two years of searches and subpoenas, the White House reported it found copies of missing documents from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s law firm that described her work for Madison S&L in the 1980s. The White House previously said it did not have the records. The originals have not turned up.

    Missing: Bush Administration Energy Emails. In 2002, the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch said more than 25,000 documents were missing from records released regarding deliberations between Vice President Dick Cheney’s energy task force and industry executives, possibly including documents related to the Enron scandal.

    Missing: Clinton Terrorism Documents. In 2003, former Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger smuggled classified documents related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks from the National Archives. Berger said he removed handwritten notes by hiding them in his jacket, pants and socks, and also inadvertently took copies of classified documents.

    Missing: Bush Administration ‘Torture’ Documents. In 2004, critics of the Bush administration’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” for suspected terrorists, which they regarded as torture, said key documents were missing from newly declassified White House materials regarding torture and other mistreatment of prisoners. These included memos to and from the FBI and CIA, and documents dated after April 2003.

    Missing: Millions of Bush Administration Emails. In 2005, the White House discovered some emails were not properly archived. It later was revealed that missing emails from Jan. 3, 2003 to July 28, 2005 might total 5 million.

    Lost and Found: Katrina Conference Call Transcript. Also in 2005, Bush administration officials told Congress that they could not locate a transcript of an Aug. 29 videoconference call about Hurricane Katrina. Officials produced a transcript in 2006.

    Missing: Bush Administration’s Abramoff Emails. In 2006, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald found that missing emails from the 2003 period could be relevant to the criminal probe into influence peddling by lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who later was convicted of bribery and corruption.

    Missing: Bush Administration Political Emails. In 2007, it was revealed that 88 White House officials used Republican National Committee email accounts — but that the RNC preserved no emails for 51 of the officials.

    Missing: Bush Administration Interrogation Video. Also in 2007, it was discovered that the Pentagon had lost a crucial recording of an al-Qaeda operative being interrogated in a U.S. military brig.

    Withheld: Obama Administration ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents. In 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder withheld emails regarding the “Fast and Furious “scandal.  President Obama invoked executive privilege to prevent some emails from being turned over to Congress under subpoena.

    Missing: Obama State Department Records. This year, it was revealed that the State Department may have lost some $6 billion because of incomplete or missing contract records over six years, mainly during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

    Missing: Obama Administration IRS Emails. Also this year, the Internal Revenue Service said it had lost key emails of Lois Lerner and other officials regarding improper IRS targeting of conservative nonprofit groups.

    Missing: Obama Records. Also this year, the Obama administration revealed that records Congress is seeks in its investigation of the Obamacare website,, are missing.

    Missing: Obama EPA Records. Also this year, the Environmental Protection Agency told Congress it was having trouble finding emails relevant to a probe into the environmental impact of a proposed gold and copper mine in the Bristol Bay watershed in Alaska. In a separate case, a federal judge found that the EPA willfully failed to keep emails and other records relevant to a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the delay of unpopular regulations until after the 2012 election.

    Missing?: Hillary Clinton Benghazi Documents. Also this year, former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell said he witnessed a Benghazi document-sorting session in October 2012 in the State Department basement. He said then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and her deputy, Jake Sullivan, were present.

    Missing: Obama EPA Text Messages. Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency said it didn’t save text messages at issue in a Freedom of Information case seeking records about the agency’s plans to crack down on coal power plants. An EPA spokesman contends that federal law doesn’t require the messages to be retained.

    This is a Daily Signal special feature.


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    Update from Neil Keenan BREAKING NEWS!!


    [2:28:08 PM] Neil Keenan: Listen I am not sure if this is true or not but I believe not and I bring it to you so you know what it is like to wait for the rightful answer.
    in its entirety…..I will know for sure later but for now this is what I have received and I doubt if true but you never know.  I know some of the names and some are and some are not real players and have been involved in things off color over the years.  Here you are.  We are on top of it.
    [2:28:17 PM] Neil Keenan: BREAKING NEWS:
    1. At 2 pm Obama signed with the Chinese, bankrupting the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is being swallowed up by the UST under new leadership.
    2. At 6 PM PST, Robert Won is going to go in and sign over the gold.
    3. At Midnight EST the Organic Act of 1871 is repealed and the US Corporation is NO MORE. Long live the REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES, ONE NATION UNDER GOD WE TRUST!
    4. At Midnight PST, “the Admiral” goes in.
    5. At midnight PST, IRAQ goes in to include the REINSTATEMENT rate of 3.58 internationally and with a $6 – 8.00 US rate, to gather in IQD for oil credits.
    6. General Ham is taking over the US Government and Commander Fairfield is taking over the Treasury.
    [2:28:31 PM] Neil Keenan: I will let you know asap….



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    OCT. 6, 2014

    WE have avoided updating in recent months, allowing the Guru Groups to ‘run with the ball’ without interference from us.

    Something is happening in Iraq in recent days which demands everyone’s attention, therefore this sentence or two for your consideration.

    American fighter aircraft are flying over but not attacking ISIS Leadership or ISIS troops or ISIS equipment in the field. One jet blew up a checkpoint leaving several ISIS tanks in open terrain untouched. Last week they blew up a jeep leaving several tanks in the open untouched.

    Our updates two years ago regarding Obama arming and financing Syrian Fighters with weapons through Turkey and involving Benghazi, who then crossed into Iraq and named themselves ISIS and declared a Caliphate, are now confirmed publicly with the release of the book by Aaron Kline two weeks ago entitled ‘What really happened in Benghazi’. His book confirms our updates on this subject but fails to mention that Obama also gave the soon to become ISIS BARBARIANS SAM’S, Surface to Air Missiles. Imagine the spectacle, American pilots over Iraq being shot down by ISIS fighters with missiles provided by Obama.

    Why do you suppose Obama financed and armed ISIS? Why do you suppose American Warplanes are not attacking ISIS Leadership or their tanks which are American tanks taken from the runaway Iraq Army? How does this fit, do you suppose, with Obama’s dozens of statements which WE duly reported, that he would never allow the American People to receive any significant funds including, especially including, funds from an R.V.?

    Now that you have another year of ‘never come true’ R.V. reporting under your belt -since our last full update in October of last year- perhaps it is time you reviewed those 2013 updates archived at Perhaps it is time you ask yourself why Obama, his Administration and indeed the entire American Corporate Government is watching quietly as tens of thousands are raped, beheaded, slaughtered, cut in half in front of their children, and children cut in half in front of their parents, genocide of unimaginable cruelty and on a scale not seen since Hitler’s ovens, while American jets fly overhead doing nothing?

    Casper     10-6-14

    p.s. By now those paying attention are aware that Obama sent a letter from the White House to the Oman at the mosque in Oklahoma City which ‘housed’ the terrorist who beheaded the lady there while refusing to send any White House representative to the lady’s funeral. Muslims YES, as usual, Christians NO, as usual. AND, Obama forced Biden to call the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the EAU to apologize for his public remarks over the weekend saying THEY helped fund ISIS. The media are puppets which do as instructed. It’s all a Kabuki Dance with their participation.

    pps. How many times have WE reported, “Obama is a Muslim, Obama is a Communist, Obama is a homosexual, and most important of all, Obama is a habitual Pathological Liar”.


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    BREAKING NEWS-Not public yet. Canada has told Obama to go Fxxx himself.


    Obama’s INTENTIONAL destruction of our country by following the Cloward/Piven  (First Edition 1965)  thesis ‘How To Destroy America From Within’, as described for you in dozens of previous updates, is not working fast enough to suit him. Now comes news from Boots On The Ground in Canada saying that Canada has finally had enough of Obama’s XL Pipeline delays in deference to his environmentalist wacko friends. They are going to build a pipeline from their shale oil deposits to the Atlantic and use mega-tankers to move the oil to gulf coast refineries. This Intel from pipeline engineers known to us personally who are already on the job in Canada. Think of the jobs lost, the billions of dollars lost to the U.S. economy. Extremist radicals like Obama do not believe in Capitalism but rather Central Command and Control. The one represents freedom, the other,  ‘I am the boss of you and I will make the decisions and you can like it or lump it’.

    Fifty thousand children were separated from their parents and brought to our southern border on an American owned train running on an American owned railroad. This cost lots of money. Sources in D.C. say approximately $5000/per child counting everything and say it was funded by the White House to intentionally throw open the southern border. Next, Obama has stated publicly on several occasions, as soon as the mid-terms are over he, by Executive Order, is going to legalize the eleven to twenty million illegals presently in the U.S. which will of course fill hundreds of additional trainloads headed north.

    As an immediate consequence of Obama’s open border policy, according to Congressman Duncan Hunter just yesterday, eleven ISIS terrorist have been apprehended at the border and another four in Texas. No one knows how many have slipped through successfully. ISIS has issued a public statement which has been reported in England but covered up in the U.S., that their ‘warriors’ are going to wreck havoc including the beheading of people at random on street corners. Coming to a mall near you, the consequences of Obama’s unwillingness to protect us. Considering that he armed and funded ISIS, trained them at bases in Turkey and Jordan and has ordered our military (Air Force) not to engage them or their equipment in the field in Iraq or Syria, what do YOU think he is up to? Do you think all this is mere coincidence? Martial Law to stop the elections might be a decent guess. Just this morning Kerry, the asshole who threw his Viet Nam purple hearts, obtained by scratching himself in the nearest brier patch according to those serving with him, over the White House fence to establish his extreme left wing bonafides said, on national television today, ‘it is not a priority or goal of the U.S. to stop the pending slaughter in Kobani, Syria where our Ally, the Kurds, are laying down their lives to try to stop the coming beheadings, rapes and crucifixions of the population. ISIS, in the village’s already overrun, are giving some of the women to their terrorist ‘soldiers’ and selling others on street corners to the high bidder to be used as sex slaves. In one village  300 men were beheaded in one fell swoop. Our Air Force could save this town in a matter of hours but Obama wont allow it just as he and Hillary would not allow nearby military to save our people in Benghazi.

    Obama and Kerry have had every opportunity to destroy ISIS and refuse to do so.

    Do you think all those ISIS tanks surrounding Kobani got there through underground tunnels? They were sitting ducks in open desert and Obama ORDERED our Air Force to ‘lay off’ and now Kerry says ‘let them be crucified’.

    If Obama is not the Anti-Christ he is damn well his twin brother. And now ISIS has arrived in the U.S. including one caught in D.C. last week.

    Until recently polls showed 40% of the American people to be too stupid to care. The polls now say 35%. Every third person you meet on the street would again vote for the most disgusting human being alive on the planet today.

    For several years WE reported to you Obama’s own words, “I will never allow the people to receive any significant money”. Now it appears half the Guru Community and ZAP have suddenly seen the light and are reporting that Obama has been the problem all along. People with money and freedom do not fit with Obama’s COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY.

    Seriously friends, Obama is like a trapped rabid dog. There is no telling what he is likely to do next. The one thing you can count on is that it will not be in the interest of the American people. WE reported many times his character flaw, his inability to make decisions, especially under pressure. He voted ‘present’ for half his votes while in the Illinois State Senate, unable to say yea or nay even to minor legislation. Now we see this flaw manifesting on the world stage. What is about to happen in Kobani belongs to him PERSONALLY and not to our military.

    This next I probably should not do but what the heck, I can’t resist.  Remember in the ‘old days’ (eight or ten years ago) when someone in the crowd would shout “boxers or briefs Mr. President”? Now days someone should shout “what color panties today Mr. President”?  Will do it myself if I get the chance.

    Goodbye XL. Goodbye 60,000 jobs. Goodbye untold revenue.

    Casper   10-9-14

    P.S Obama has refused to temporarily suspend incoming flights from West Africa. With a twenty one day incubation period, asking visitors ‘how ya feelin’ and taking their temperature will stop nothing. Stopping Ebola or ISIS at the border is not what Obama wants. No way to become a Police State protected Dictator in that scenario.


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    “Breaking News” from VT Radio 10-6-14… “Shocking New Snowden Leaks That Will Change the World!”

    I’m not sure exactly what’s in this show, or how “shocking” the revelations are, but I found this here at BeforeItsNews. The first three paragraphs below the video are from that page. The rest is from the video notes. I felt this needed to go out right now.


    Here are just some of the notes from the interview. This one contained so much explosive information that you’re sure to learn a lot that you don’t know. If you’re a patriot that is sick of the criminals getting away with everything then do something! SHARE this to your facebook walls, email lists, twitter so that their crimes will be exposed. It’s not enough that you learn this information. You MUST share it with as many others as posssible to create the chagne you want to see in the world!

    In the latest Veterans Today Radio broadcast on 10-6-14, Gordon Duff goes over some of the hardcore information that he got from Edward Snowden. Gordon talks about how the US media has covered up all of this new Snowden information and only put out some “chicken feed” about the US spying on Germany. In fact, CNN was given the huge Snowden release on 9/11 being nuclear event first and suppressed the story. Veterans Today was the 3rd media outlet to get the information and was the only one to release it! Snowden literally brought the keys to the kingdom when he went to Russia and we have not heard all of it. Gordon covers some more of this information in this broadcast but you should also listen to the 6-4-14 episode of Veterans Today Radio for much more on 9/11. This information literally rocked the world and has been copied and heard by millions now. Unfortunately, this information has been suppressed by all mainstream media and most of the alternative media including the “tip of the spear” types.

    Here are some brief notes of just some of this interview. I had to get this article out now so didn’t have time to include all of it. I hope all of you are spreading these interviews into all aspects of the alternative media because it’s being censored by many of the fakes that won’t touch it! Expose the fakes!

    Published on Oct 7, 2014

    Latest Intel briefing from the patriots at VeteransToday. Will add more information here within the next hour. Great stuff here!

    CNN censored the Edward Snowden information that 9/11 was nuclear and done by Israel that Veterans Today (VT) has put out on earlier broadcasts (see 6-4-14 broadcast for first release). Snowden had REAL material and not the chickenfeed like the US spying on Germany put out by the mainstream media. He brought the keys to the kingdom to Russia!

    Biden recently mentioned Turkey as helping ISIS because of the information from Gordon Duff.

    US lied when they said two planes recently lost to a typhoon. One of those planes an F-16 is lying in pieces in Syria after being shot down by an American PAC2 missile! The same missile used in Israeli Iron Dome system. US has now ceased all air operations because of a plot by traitors within the US Military, Air Force a retired General affiliated with Fox News and some affiliated with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News. This plot was to allow a plane to be shot down and captured by ISIS so they could “Jimmy Carter” Obama and help Republicans win the upcoming elections. Daish (ISIS) wants one or more American pilots before the elections that they can threaten to behead. The other aircraft lost was an Marine Osprey flying a team into Iraq. Gordon has been told that the crew of these airplanes were recovered.

    Now that ISIS has our one of our most advanced missile systems we can’t offer air support to the Kurds and they are threatned to have 100,000 of them slaughtered now. During the Vietnam war, John McCain gave the North Vietnamese the information that allowed them to shoot down more American planes!

    Gordon talks about the Presidio which is the home to psychological warfare command. This base in San Francisco was run by two men. One of them was a Colonel and the other a major. Both were “cutting edge” (men who stare at goat types). One of them was involved with “the temple of Set” and the “Church of Satan”. (note you can easily find this man’s name by googling both of those organizations). The other man is a retired General that works for Fox News. You can find out who is by searching google for “senior military analyst fox news retired general”.

    One of these men that run the “Temple of Set” in 1980 was accused of the sexual molestation of 150 children by the San Francisco Examiner who were brutally raped at “The Presidio” and other military bases! In 1986 this man had a search warrant issued on his home and it was said that 38 films were seized depicting violent sexual acts against children as young as 9. All of this evidence was covered up and no charges were brought. This man now helps run the NSA!

    All of the “heroes” from the Bush Administration were treasonous. You’ll never know the heroes.

    One of Snowden’s biggest Intel drops was only put out by VeteransToday and it was the 2003 Dept of Energy report that showed 9/11 was a nuclear event! Nobody in mainstream put it out even though some such as CNN was given it before VeteransToday.

    (note by Glenn) – Most of the fake alternative censored this Edward Snowden material also such as Alex Jones who won’t report on it!

    The Ebola spreading now is not weaponized but is serious and is happening because of ease of travel now.

    Huge news – 40% of Congress has been now caught taking bribe money through the latest Snowden releases. 40% of Congress should be arrested immediately!

    North Korea labs being used by Germans and British companies doing horrific experiments. Cuba is being used as a base where the “dead” people go to run their empire.

    Jim Dean talked next. He talked about the cease fire has now become a hoax. Kiev wants a low level war going on so they re arm. They are getting ready for yet another campaign against East Ukraine. The West fails to speak out against any atrocities done by Kiev government. Kiev lied when they said they paid off their gas debts – they only paid the national gas company – not Russia. Western media lied as they always do and said they paid Russia.

    Growing pushback against the sanctions on Russia in the EU. EU was forced by US to do the sanctions.

    In Germany, alternative media is growing fast and exposing the fraud of their fake mainstream media. They are fighting back unlike the US.

    Good signs in recent elections in Latvia and Bulgaria that are fighting back against against the crime syndicate running the west.

    In Sweden the new government has recognized that Palestine is it’s own state. The US of course has rebuked this. Sweden has responded by saying Sweden does not take advise on foreign affairs from the US!

    Obama was the first President to reward political “bundlers” jobs in his administration. Holder’s $77 million job was the most open bribe ever.
    (Much more covered! Plus update from Preston James!)


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    Police Execute Homeless Man For Camping

    ‘I’m Going to Shoot Him in the Penis,’ Says Cop Before Executing Camper
    Dash cam captures officer’s intentions before fateful shooting

    by Mikael Thalen | | September 30, 2014
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    An Albuquerque police officer who killed a mentally ill homeless man last March expressed his desire to shoot him in the penis, new dash cam footage reveals.

    The video, obtained by KOB4 News, details a conversation between APD Officer Keith Sandy and another officer shortly before the fateful shooting of James Boyd.

    During the conversation, Sandy can be heard discussing his desire to shoot Boyd, who he refers to as a “f*cking lunatic,” in the penis with a shot gun.

    “For this f***ing lunatic? I’m going to shoot him in the penis with a shotgun here in a second,” Sandy said.

    Only two hours later, Sandy would do just that, taking Boyd’s life in the process.

    According to civil rights attorney Shannon Kennedy, Sandy’s statement reveals a premeditated decision to violently engage Boyd.

    “Two hours later he’s escalating the situation so he can do just that,” Kennedy told KOB4. “It’s chilling evidence and stunning that he has not been criminally indicted… It’s crystal clear and he says it with contempt in his voice.’”

    According to KOB4, internal investigators asked Sandy about his comment only one month after the shooting.

    Interestingly, Sandy claimed the comment was never made only moments after telling investigators that the statement was nothing more than “locker room banter.”

    Sandy attempted to belittle the incident by arguing that officers regularly make crude and cruel jokes, so much that a group of officers had to create a safe word to signal when inappropriate jokes have gone too far.

    “Of course it’s not a joke because he went forward and actually shot him,” Kennedy said. “Clearly he has complete disregard for people suffering from mental disabilities.”

    “What is so mortifying about this shooting, and thank goodness we have a tape to show exactly what he did– which is instead of shooting him in the penis, he shoots him in the lower back. So had James Boyd not turned around at that moment to set down his bags, he would have been shot in the penis.”

    Although currently on administrative leave, Sandy continues to carry his gun and badge according to an APD spokeswoman.

    Boyd’s death sparked international outrage earlier this year and has continued to fuel the debate over appropriate uses of force by law enforcement.


    Published on Mar 24, 2014…
    You can add one more item to the list of things that will potentially get you killed by police: illegal camping.







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