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Prince Talks NWO, Depopulation And Chemtrails On TV

Renowned singer becomes whistleblower during interview

Has Prince gone from renowned music god to whistleblower? © Twitter
Has Prince gone from renowned music god to whistleblower?
Whistleblowers and truthseekers of issues such as the New World Order, depopulation and chemtrails are often dismissed in mainstream media and confined to the hidden realms of alternative news and conspiracy blogs. But Prince became a surprising truth exposer during a television interview, as he speaks out about the enslavement of humanity after being awakened by the works of Dick Gregory.

In 2009, the singer made a rare television appearance in an interview with Tavis Smiley for his PBS talk show for a light-hearted chat about misinterpreted lyrics and also to talk about his new album at the time – Lotusflower. However, talk turned more intimate and deep as Prince mentioned how the work of African-American comedian, conspiracy theorist and political activist Dick Gregory has changed his perception of the world. Gregory, now 82, is famed for using his performances to convey political messages such as the fight for civil rights in America and also gained notoriety for speaking out about the suggested lunar landing hoax and incorrect 9/11 accounts.

“Dick Gregory really moved me and a lot of my friends and I show it to everybody who comes over the house, because they need to hear that”, Prince recalled.

“What he said affects all of us”.

Dick Gregory has spoken out about 9/11, the lunar landing hoax and chemtrails © Twitter
Dick Gregory has spoken out about 9/11, the lunar landing hoax and chemtrails
One of the key points highlight by Gregory was about chemtrails and the never-ending debate about whether Earth’s skies are being sprayed with harsh and deadly chemicals in a bid to not only render humanity docile and vulnerable to control, but even kill a vast majority of the population.

“When I was a kid I used to see these trails in the sky all the time and I thought, ‘Ah that’s cool, a jet just flew over’, but then I started to see a whole bunch of them”, revealed Prince.

“The next thing you know, everybody in your neighbourhood was fighting and arguing and you didn’t know why. He [Gregory] started riffing about the chemtrails, and what he said hit home so hard”.

Theories of chemtrails are often dismissed by scientists and authorities as merely water-based condensation trails (or contrails are they are more commonly known) which are left by aircrafts due to atmospheric conditions. But others have spoken out about a much more sinister purpose behind them, one that has remained undisclosed to the general public. Wikipedia states that conspiracy theorists speculate that the chemicals are used for solar radiation management, weather modification; and the terrifyingly fatal agendas of psychological manipulation and control, biologically and chemical warfare, and depopulation. The horrifying release of chemicals is often said to be at the hands of the US government and HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

Although scientists claim to have debunked myths regarding chemtrails, other experts have counteracted their explanations. Before It’s News published a report by pilot Barry Davis, who with over 40 years of flying experience, came interested in HAARP and chemtrails ‘by accident’. The aviation expert explained that he first noticed chemtrails when a jet mysteriously flew over him and appeared to be losing a lot of fuel and immediately contacted the Department of Transport (DOT).

Davis wrote, “My familiarity with jet aircraft brings me to the accident. I was headed back to my office when I noticed a jet had overtaken me. The location of a high jet was a bit strange and it looked as if it was losing a lot of fuel.  I immediately called the Department of Transport (DOT) to report what I thought was a severe fuel leak. The fellow I was put in touch with must have had about 79 questions pre-printed that I had to answer before he was going to contact the jet”.

“I was a bit stunned. Here I was trying to save a crew and jet while the DOT had no interest in making contact with the plane, or anyone for that matter! Their lack of interest was perhaps the strangest minutes of my life. In retrospect, I have to wonder if they knew the plane was laying Chemtrails . . . I do not think there is much doubt”.

“If you try to discuss Chemtrails with others, you may well find yourself very frustrated. Many do not want to be involved, which is a central problem of having Chemtrails stopped”.

Are harsh, deadly chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere? © Twitter
Are harsh, deadly chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere?
Davis details that lab tests revealed that an array of chemicals were being sprayed in the air from the late 1990s, or even earlier, supposedly as part of a geo-engineering project to help cool the Earth and reflect sunlight. But these chemicals are highly toxic and illegal, and if consumed by humans and other creatures can prove life-threatening. According to Davis, investigators found that air samples contained aluminium oxide, barium oxide, bacteria such as anthrax, moulds and fungi, sedatives, salmonella, and many other banned pollutants.

Aluminium oxide, commonly used in antiperspirants and deodorants, is linked to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s as well as being deemed a possible risk for cancer according to numerous reports. Test Country states that barium oxide is also highly toxic, known for affecting the nervous system and causing breathing difficulties, muscle weakness, diarrhoea and other stomach irritations, cardiac irregularities such as heart arrhythmia and abnormally high blood pressure, and paralysis. The deadly mix of these ingredients as well as other fungi, bacterial and viral materials harkens to the notion that a high-powered elite want to control and even eradicate much of humanity.

Davis echoes this notion, writing, “I personally feel these ingredients are on their way to making our Earth and oceans sterile. Eating vegetables polluted by the above list very well could be shortening the lives of millions”.

“We know that some of the elite in the world want the population drastically reduced… Is this all part of their efforts?”

Indeed, apparently it is, as whistleblowers, conspiracy theorists, truthseekers and now Prince have highlighted. Chemtrails are believed to be part of a twisted part of the New World Order agenda carried out by the Illuminati.

David Icke has warned about Agenda 21 and depopulation © Twitter
David Icke has warned about Agenda 21 and depopulation
David Icke has spoken out about this matter, known as Agenda 21. Various tools such as chemtrails and most recently the Ebola virus are suspected to be used to fulfil this agenda against the population. Dr Eric Pianka and Dr Leonard Horowitz have also warned that a genetically modified bioweapon is likely to wipe out a vast majority of the human race. This is done through genetically modified foods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, right under the noses of unsuspected civilians.

“Part of this Agenda 21 is for an enormous cull of the global population, and I’m talking coming down to a billion or half a billion in a world now of more than seven billion”, Icke explained.

“I’ll tell you why they’re doing this. Agenda 21 – ‘get them off the land’”.

But details of such plans remain undisclosed on the most part. Prince believes this is because humans are unsuspecting slaves to a shady elite in control political and economic discourse, therefore running much of our lives. In addition, the elite control the media, whether it is news, films or books, dictating the information that we have supplied about various realities.

Prince recalls learning that there were eight other presidents of the United States before the ‘first’ President George Washington. He tells Smiley, “When I found out there were eight presidents before George Washington I wanted to smack somebody, I wanted to know why I was taught otherwise”.

“Just tell me the whole story; I’ll fill in the gaps. I don’t vote, I want nothing to do with it, I’ve got no dog in that race”.

The music icon makes some extremely valid points which truthseekers and whistleblowers have been trying to put forward for years. Did his interview awaken people? Well it surely did send shockwaves, but whether fans and media consumers will absorb his warnings is a completely different matter. Although there is a prominent sect of people willing to speak out, it seems that some people just don’t want to become aware, but this may not be down to ignorance. Prince declares that humans are nothing more than slaves, manipulated and indoctrinated to only believe what we are told.

“We live in a place now that feels just like a plantation. We’re all indentured servants”.

“Prophecy is what we all have to go by now”.

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