Kevin Annett: Common law court to prosecute Dutch crown Satanic child murders; Republic of England founded as Republic of Scotland sought

Kevin Annett: Common law court to prosecute Dutch crown Satanic child murders; Republic of England founded as Republic of Scotland sought


VANCOUVER, BC – In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, North American field secretary for the International Common Law Court of Justice detailed the testimony of witness Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s testimony about Satanic child murders at the behest of the Dutch crown in the Netherlands, attended by elite decisions makers in the financial and governmental world, and indicated that the Common Law Court would be undertaking prosecution and enforcement against the perpetrators, as well as dismantling of these child trafficking networks and ritual slayings.

Republic of England

Kevin Annett discussed the establishment of the Republic of England as well as the initiative for the Republic of Scotland.

The first Communique from The Provisional Council for the Republic of England and its common law courts


Re-establishing the Republic of England, and the reorganization of the British Common Law movement

Issued by the Provisional Council of the Republic of England and the ITCCS Central Office, Brussels

The Flag of the English Republic (1649)


For it is clear both by scripture and the laws of England that monarchs are anathema to divine law. Kings are of man’s creation, not God’s, and therefore they stand under judgement and the common law.  – John Cooke, public prosecutor of King Charles 1, January 1649


Flag of the Republic of England


In London, September 10, 2014

The Common Law is the life blood of the English people, and was the basis for the sovereign Republic established by Parliament in 1649: a Republic whose lawfulness remains in force. The so-called Crown of England and the monarchy are not only criminal bodies; they are non-existent and fraudulent ones, and have been ever since their legal abolition on March 17,1649 by the High Court and Parliament of England.

As the heirs of the Republican tradition and the embodiment of justice for all the people, the common law court movement in England has struck a deep chord, and has prompted over 200 people to join us already, second in number only to our American network. But as in Canada and Australia, the English common law courts lack but one thing: the constitutional basis for their existence that alone gives them the authority to act, and depose so-called “crown” jurisdiction. That Republican Constitution must be re-claimed, proclaimed and established publicly across England if our courts are to have ultimate legitimacy and the protection of our true Nation.

In short, as is happening next month in Canada, a sovereign Republic must be and shall be established in England as the cornerstone of all of our work. Accordingly, we are reorganizing the work of all the separate and isolated common law groups to unite them all under the lawful authority of such a Republic.

Given this, the ITCCS-affiliated common law movement in England, Wales and Scotland is now being reoriented along the following lines:

  1. All common law groups and courts affiliated with the ITCCS will now operate in liaison with a central London office run by a Provisional Council of the Republic of England. This body will coordinate the local groups and convene the first Congress for the re-establishment of a Constitutional Republic in England to disestablish the criminal Crown and monarchy. We expect the Republican Congress to convene no later than May 1, 2015.
  2. The London Council office will open on October 15, 2014 and will be manned by staff seconded from the Brussels ITCCS. Two members of the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata (formerly Canada), as well as Kevin Annett, have agreed to work at the London Council office to assist us in this effort. The London Council will provide the funds and technical support for local Republic / Common Law groups anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland.
  3. In order to qualify for these funds and any support or recognition from ITCCS or the Provisional Council, all individuals and common law groups now operating in England, Scotland or Wales must apply either for membership or a Charter to form a group of three or more people. Copies of the Charter and Membership Pledge can be obtained through , attention Peter Harrsion (Secretary of the Council).
  4. The London Council will soon be drafting a Program and Proclamation of Sovereignty for the Republic, along with a draft Constitution. All chartered groups and individual members are encouraged to circulate and debate these documents once they’re available.
  5. Finally, under the slogan “Stand Down, Crown!”, the London Council will be sponsoring a series of public actions across the country to coincide with the establishment of the Republic of Kanata (formerly Canada) on October 31, 2014. Please be prepared to hold such actions in your own communities – more details are forthcoming.

It is imperative that all common law volunteers orient their work now towards the creation of the Republic of England, which will give them the basis for deposing “crown” authority and asserting their lawful and sovereign rights. Once constituted, the Republic will provide the militia and security forces to safeguard our people and enforce the verdicts of our Common Law courts.

We have a nation to win back. Join us now.

In the tradition and under the supremacy of the Commons and the Republic, we are,

The Provisional Council of the Republic of England

(attn: Peter Harrison, Secretary)

with ITCCS Central, Brussels – ,


Let the Chosen Ones be joyful in glory; let the high Judgements of the Lord be in their mouths, and God’s sword be in their hands, to execute justice against the rulers, and to bind their kings in chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron, so that they may execute upon them the judgement that is from God. This is the honour given to God’s Chosen. (Psalm 149:5-9)

– Cited in the Judgement of the High Court’s trial of King Charles 1, 1649



Transcript of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s testimony about child murders in Holland

ITCCS News Flash: Highest catholic official in Ireland resigns after public exposure


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